Do You Feel Like Your Business Is Stuck (and So Are You)?

Stop creating Dabblers and InActive surgeon customers and Build a Champion Team of advocates to deliver predictable and reliable revenues. 

Do You Want Specific Tactics and Strategies to Drive your MedTech Sales?

Stop creating Dabblers and InActive surgeon customers and Build a Champion Team of advocates to deliver predictable and reliable revenues.

Key Benefits of the Elite Execution Framework

Insights that are easy to apply

Training Tactics that fit seamlessly with your sales process

Training that transfers to the field level activities

Provocative content and intriguing insights

Sales training by decorated, credible, respected sales professionals

Customizable content modules for easy selection and implementation

You spent 13 business days and $5,000 dollars training a new surgeon to use your product.  But they haven’t touched it in 6 months.  What is the most effective way to restart “Inactive” customers and restart that revenue?


Professional (def) n: everyone can tell you what happened.  A Professional can tell you

why. Because they understand it so well they can manipulate it, repeat it, and articulate it making their success transferable to others.  Their insight is valuable and it is the basis for their success.  The goal of every salesperson is to become a Professional. 

Accidental success in sales is destructive.  Other people in the organization will attempt to duplicate it with disastrous results to the organization for failure to understand why it worked and properly apply it to other situations with other personalities involved.  A lot of time and money and careers will be wasted and lost on efforts in wrong directions for lack of insight and understanding.

Selling success that cannot be clearly articulated is an illusion.  The actual potential was never maximized and the heights that were reached could not be maintained.  Even deep insights are rarely crafted into actionable items and mantras that help individuals and organizations build disciplines that sustain success and create what I call Elite Execution.

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